Bring Your Website To Life

Do you know who's visiting your website at this very moment? Are you able to interact with those potential customers while they are in your site?

You have the answers to their questions but HOW can YOU interact with them?

Fusion Chat Pro has the solution! It allows you to see the visitors in your website and gives you vital information on how they came to your site and what they are interested in.

Handled the same way as if they physically walked into your store, you can make contact with visitors using live chat asking if they need help, or visitors can ask you for help when needed.


Live chat with your website visitors will greatly benefit you and your customers. Satisfied customers mean repeat business and more sales!

Increased Sales

*Boost customer confidence

Using Fusion Chat Pro assures visitors your website has a "customer service" that actually has knowledgeable people to chat with and assist them.

*Offer help to close the sale

As you watch visitors browse on your site, use Fusion Chat Pro to give you the opportunity to provide them with the information they are looking for quicker than they could find it themselves or before they give up and leave your site.

Fusion Chat Pro allows you to engage your visitors by asking questions pertaining to the area they are browsing as you follow their every move.

*Clench the Opportunity

As visitors browse through your site, a simple statement of "May I help you?" at the right time using Fusion Chat Pro, could give you the opportunity to respond to questions that will lead to closing more sales.

*Your website working for you

Fusion Chat Pro can monitor visitor activity. It can detect when a visitor may potentially become a prospect based on keywords, pages viewed, location, etc, and initiate a proactive chat request on your behalf. This can increase conversions without any additional work from you or your staff.

For Customer Support Excellence

*Faster Response

Your customers will get a faster response using live chat. They can continue to look at your site while chatting. You will be able to carry on several different chats simultaneously; whereas you would not be able to do these things with a telephone.

*Best method for customers to contact you

Fusion Chat Pro is a fast and accessible way for your customers to contact you. It is more reliable than email. Here your customers can be reassured and confident they can reach you with questions.

*Visitor Database

Once a visitor has chatted to you, their contact information is recorded against their visitor record in the Fusion Chat Pro database. This will show on all future visits. You will instantly know when existing customers enter your site. This enables you to be more informal during live chat sessions and therefore further improve customer relations.

Greater Savings with Fusion Chat Pro

*Efficiently Budgets Your On-Line Advertising

Fusion Chat Pro will tell you which of your on-line advertising campaigns generate the most Prospects and Customers, even down to the keyword level. Prospect detection is important, because, while a campaign with one search engine may bring in 1000's of visitors, only a small percentage of them may stay long enough to become prospects. Another campaign may only generate 100's of visitors but a much higher prospect percentage. This KEY METRIC is generated for you by Fusion Chat Pro automatically. It enables you to spend your advertising budget where it works.

*Free Customer Support

Live chat is not billed the same way a phone is, customers can communicate with you from around the globe with no further cost to you or the visitor.

*Lower your support costs

Customer support by way of live chat costs less than delivering customer support via email. The advantages are you can have several live chats going on alternately, live chats can be received anywhere, and you get questions answered with greater speed rather than emailing back and forth waiting for someone to get back to you or your email being blocked by filters.

*Reduced Overhead

Fusion Chat Pro is able to be used from any internet connection. Your Customer support group can be flexible, working from any location (including home), therefore, reducing your overhead cost.